Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Hi again. We are waiting to go to the airport. I forgot to tell another funny..Monday I wanted to change money? We kept seeing banks..finally went in. there was a tube like a revolving door without the inner thing. I got in...there was a message in Italian...someone else in the Libby said I had to get out and put my camera ,etc in a locker? We'll, I couldn't get it!to work??thankfully there was a nice nun there? she showed me I needed a euro to put in...once I did this, it worked. after all of that, I went in and they didn't change money!!! I did get my euro back when I undid the lock.later I found a cam bio and made a major mistake???I didn't ask what rate he charged...15%!!!!AWCKKKK I should have changed more the day before in sorrento after seeing Pompeii. In sorrentomi sawmthembiggest lemons I have ever seen???they were even bigger then grapefruit???the bellhop is here so better go. Barb. Once I get home I will post photos.

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